Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Deutsche Bank Reverberations
Will Rock Around The World
"The systemic importance of Deutsche Banks would render the Lehman debacle a mere accounting error. Deutsche is PROBABLY the most leveraged institution in the world and if it failed the reverberations would rock Tokyo, China, London and Wall Street. Every financial actor has exposure to Deutsche Bank rendering Merkel’s political posturing an act of colossal stupidity, especially as the global economic system is in a highly fragile state. ECB President Draghi must have sighed in disbelief as his 'guardian angel' jeopardized the entire ECB effort at creating the backdrop of 'whatever it takes.' Time magazine named Chancellor Merkel its person of the year in 2015 but I will nominate her as the FOOL of the decade for failing to understand the global financial system. I GUARANTEE THAT DEUTSCHE WILL BE BAILED OUT BY THE GERMAN POLITICAL SYSTEM."
- Yra Harris
LINK HERE to the commentary

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