Monday, September 26, 2016

Central Banks Continue Their Debasement
"The world is stuck in a holding pattern when it comes to money. Central banks will continue to print around the world until a final catastrophe is triggered and elites attempt to generate an entirely new monetary system, probably featuring the SDR currency basket as worldwide 'MONEY.' Central banks are mechanisms of monetary destruction. Since the advent of central banking, the dollar has been debased to one or two cents of its former value. And the world has been stuck in a quasi-depression for some seven years. This is not a coincidence. The whole point of central banking is to create economic pressure that demands further – centralized – 'solutions.' It is hard for people to imagine the world’s central-bank based economy has actually been designed to fail. But that does seem to be the case. Central banks fix the value and volume of money over time and this inevitably degrades the entire monetary system. We are in the last stages of this degradation and the next phase will involve credit collapses or significant – intolerable – price inflation. The plan is to move to a new monetary system that is now being prepared. Those who understand this increasingly obvious evolution can protect themselves, at least in part, through the purchase of MONEY METALS."
- The Daily Bell
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Monday, September 26, 2016
Roger Stone: Mark Cuban is the Greatest Beneficiary of Federal Reserve Money Printing Ever
In a tweet, Roger Stone shelled billionaire, Clinton-supporter, Mark Cuban:

Trump and Cuban are going at it.

This is not going to end well.