Friday, August 26, 2016

Who Will Buy U.S. Homes
As Negative Demographics Take Over?
Article first states that 91% of all U.S. home buying is done by those aged 20-69yrs/old, according to NAR data. In 2015, Millennials (20-35yrs/old) made up 35% of home purchases, Gen X (36-50yr/olds) bought 26%, Boomers (51-70yr/olds) 31%, & the Silent Generation (70+yrs/old) 9%. .. "Here's the very big problem for residential real estate...the chart below shows that over 70% of all the population growth among potential home buyers (20+yrs/old) from 2017-->2030 will be among the 70+yr/olds .. This is simply unprecedented in U.S. history .. The impending nosedive in the growth of potential buyers vs. surge in elderly (those more likely to downsize or out-right sell than buy) should be quite disconcerting."
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