Monday, August 15, 2016

The Ultimate Long Game: 
Autarky & Resilience
"Not every nation has the social and economic flexibility needed to survive the future. The key dynamic is the resilience of the institutions that make up the nation-state and its Deep State: a nation-state with rigid hierarchical elites, little social mobility, limited FEW resources, a brittle social structure and a fear of innovation is a fragile nation-state that is one reasonably good famine away from collapse. Those with surplus food will be the ultimate arbiters of value. Autarky means having the ability to feed one's people despite the vagaries of climate change, and I mean growing food, not buying it with energy, gold, or fiat currency. When push comes to shove (and it will), nothing will have any value except food and the resources needed to grow it: water and energy .. Future hegemony will flow from what's scarce: autarky, the FEW resources and the cultural resources of innovation, flexibility, adaptability and social mobility. Ironically, autarky and these cultural dynamics arise from decentralization and the free flow of information, not one-world centralization. Anyone pursuing that path is doomed to instability and collapse."
- Charles Hugh Smith*
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