Friday, August 26, 2016

The U.S. & China Escalate 
The Energy War
Nomi Prins* reports on what she is seeing in China .. she has been in China meeting with the IMF & New Development Bank (NDB, launched by the BRICS countries) .. "What I found out: Green is the new black. As Jim Rickards has explained, the shift away from the dollar as the world’s reserve currency creates an opening for a new global superpower. Other countries are making their moves to fill that spot, and none is moving more quickly than China. China has two big moves lined up, and the first one is happening at the G20 meeting on Sept. 4. Jim Rickards says that this will be the day the dollar dies. This will also be the day China shows that it is an equal to the U.S. and any other country vying for world supremacy. A massive part of world dominance is control over energy. Before, that meant oil. Now, it means green energy. The U.S. and China are racing to control green energy. For China, that’s how they can clinch the title of new world superpower. For the U.S., it’s a last-ditch effort to hold their ground."
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