Friday, August 19, 2016

The Odds Of A Global Food Crisis 
Are Rising
Charles Hugh Smith* highlights the vulnerability of global food production to extremes of weather - few grasp the significance of this .. "Given the current abundance of food globally, confidence in permanent food surpluses and low grain prices is high. Few worry that the present abundance of food could be temporary. But the global food supply is more fragile than we might think, despite historically low grain/agricultural commodity prices. In the larger context, the global food supply chain is a real-world system that cannot be 'fixed' with financial gimmicks. No amount of money-printing will replace crops lost to weather extremes, replenish depleted fresh-water aquifers, magically rebuild top soil lost to erosion or repair the environmental ravages of industrial pollution."
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rbblum said...

Increases in food prices and food shortages will be GREAT . . . for those embracing and promoting global warming . . . furthering the goal to initiate a global tax system to redistribute the people's wealth.