Tuesday, August 09, 2016

The Fallacies Of Monetary Policy
GoldMoney's Alasdair Macleod clarifies the fallacies behind monetary policy .. "Monetary policy, we are told, is all about staving off recession and stimulating economic growth. However, not only is monetary debasement in any form counterproductive and destroys the personal wealth of the masses, but the economists who devised today’s monetarism have completely lost their way."
Fallacy 1: Monetary debasement benefits the economy
Fallacy 2: Low interest rates are beneficial
Fallacy 3: Expanding money and bank credit stimulates business
Fallacy 4: Lower exchange rates benefit the economy
"The partying is over. The days of transferring wealth from the middle-classes and the poor through monetary debasement to benefit the welfare states, the banks and their preferred customers, are now numbered. The implications for future monetary policy are simple: the Fed, Bank of Japan, European Central Bank and Bank of England are working together to keep their respective GDPs from falling. The Bank of Japan is leading the way into deepening negative interest rates and more asset-supporting quantitative easing, and the others are all set to follow its example."
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