Monday, August 08, 2016

The Big & Bloated Bond Bubble
Dr. Ron Paul* report .. We've lived through the illusionary "good times" of the Nasdaq & housing bubbles. They were followed by inevitable and heart-wrenching crises. Well the government and Federal Reserve have created another major bubble in government bonds .. 17 minutes

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Is Hillary Clinton Corrupt? An Archive of Financial Improprieties

Since the media has effectively gone silent on Clinton’s business dealings, however, I think it would be useful to remind the public where this family’s bread is buttered.

For almost every promise Clinton has made during her presidential campaign, she has directly pocketed millions of dollars from individuals and businesses with a financial interest in frustrating reform.

Perhaps this is true of everyone in Washington DC, but with Clinton the cumulative effect is stunning.To avoid any suggestion that I am selling conspiracy theories, I am going to quote heavily from news, government, and public policy sources. I have already written extensively about the email controversy, so I am going to leave that off the list.

Folks may be familiar with some or all of these examples, but again the point is to survey the cumulative effect. To paraphrase a recent New Yorker article, there’s a lot of quid and a lot of quo. How much of this do we have to see before we stop believing that’s a coincidence?