Sunday, August 21, 2016

Paul Singer Says "Everyone Is In The Dark"; 
Warns Of "Sudden, Intense Market Breakdown"
Fund manager Paul Singer thinks that we are in "the most peculiar period we have faced in 39 years" .. too much central bank power, too much monetary debasement, inevitable inflation, & "when it happens it could be swift and impossible to tamp down." .. he says that today's environment marks "the biggest bond bubble in world history", leading him to declare that "the global bond market is broken" .. warns buyers of negative yielding debt to "hold such instruments at your own risk; danger of serious injury or death to your capital!" .. "trading in this market is particularly difficult" .. "Everyone is in the dark .. Experience doesn't count for much, and extreme confidence may be fatal .. the ultimate breakdown (or series of breakdowns) from this environment is likely to be surprising, sudden, intense, and large .. Investments and trading strategies which make money in a value-added way, in a different manner than the returns obtainable from the passive ownership of stocks and bonds, are especially good additions to institutional portfolios in the world going forward."
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