Friday, August 05, 2016

Your Guide to Healing and Optimal Health
Dr. Mercola special focus on optimal health .. "Most disease is rooted in poor nutrition and lack of physical movement. Drugs neither support nor nourish your body’s innate healing capabilities. Food combined with proper rest and movement do .. One of the simplest health directives you could ever come across is to just EAT REAL FOOD, as this automatically eliminates a number of health-harming ingredients from your diet .. Exercise is another critical component of health; studies have shown exercise to be as effective a treatment as many drugs, including antidepressants and medications for prediabetes and heart disease." .. 53 minutes
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"Duchenne advocates’ wait for an FDA decision nears the six-month mark

Asked about the ongoing delay and the effect it’s having on patients and their families, the FDA’s head of drug approvals, Janet Woodcock, said she’s bound by law not to comment. But patient advocates themselves have told me in recent days that the wait is taking a toll. Beyond the hundreds of boys with Duchenne who have died, been forced to use wheelchairs or lost their ability to feed themselves in the past few months, Christine McSherry, head of the Massachusetts-based advocacy group, the Jett Foundation, said that many patients are refusing to enroll in other drug studies until a decision on eteplirsen has been rendered.

“There are lots of kids out there who could start another trial,” said McSherry, a Pembroke resident. But many aren’t, she said, for fear that they’d have drop out if the drug is approved, and then may need to wait additional weeks for any other drug to flush out of their system before being eligible to take eteplirsen.