Tuesday, August 23, 2016

New Government Analysis Shows That
Federal Reserve Policies Have Deepened
The Downturn For Many Americans
The Daily Bell highlights that analysis helps prove a point: Federal Reserve stimulation provided by too-low interest rates does NOT stimulate industry, only finance & speculation .. "We don’t need a government analysis to confirm this but it’s useful to have because it illustrates once more the truth of what’s occurring in terms of economic manipulation. The entire apparatus of monetary leadership, and its influence on the marketplace itself, does not deliver what it is supposed to. The idea is that the Fed provides additional liquidity as necessary. But this is a form of price-fixing. In a normal economy where the government itself was not involved in 'adjusting' the value and volume of currency, the value would be provided by the market itself .. The only path to prosperity is to privatize money and let the market itself calculate its value and volume. This should be done as soon as possible. The disease of central banking should be cured by the application of free-market solutions. We eagerly await this outcome and confidently expect its application within the better part of, hm-mm … a thousand years?"
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