Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mish Shedlock* & James Grant*:
Gold Is Timely Now
"Please pay particular attention to Grant’s final interview statement: 'But to me, gold is a very timely way to invest in monetary disorder.' .. That has been my position for decades."
LINK HERE to the interview & commentary


Anonymous said...

Krugman to Lietaer: "Never touch the money system!"

Anonymous said...

Not someone I would be inclined to give much time. I picked up on his Trump analysis afterwards ... not a clue. He might have had one if a relative had been killed in 911.

In short, America like most Western countries does not need the Islamic religious/political system, and has become increasingly intolerant, (with good reason), of that ideology which because of "political correctness", various established governments all over the western world feel obliged to tolerate.

One should not feel obliged to take a snake to one's breast because of politically correctness. That is the message ... loud and clearly .... heard by anyone who has a mind with the ability to learn about the subject. "Pure and simple terrorists (to use Prime Minister Blair's words) do not commit suicide in order to prosecute their evil acts.