Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hidden Agenda Perpetrated By Congress
& The Federal Reserve In One Chart
"The above chart exposes the hidden agenda perpetrated by Congress and the Fed (the two partners that made a sly deal in 1913 to gain control of America's money & take that control away from the voters .. to whom it was rightfully supposed to belong). The American middle class is a patsy in a system designed to do exactly what this scheme (Federal Reserve 'System') has done. International trade agreements and excessive money printing do help Wall Street and Corporate America, but do not help the middle class. This is made absolutely clear in the attached chart. If you are one of those typically shallow regurgitators of the theories you’ve been told, well then ..
tell it to the facts which are stated clearly in the chart."
- a joint effort quote from both Thad Beversdorf & Cliff Küle
LINK HERE to the essay

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