Sunday, August 14, 2016

Heavily Indebted Western World Governments
"We have certainly embarked down the road of a police state. Federal agencies are tracking people who travel on trains and in the air. If someone buys a ticket for cash, the government is notified. They are looking for the slightest thing. I went to the airport to pick up a friend who comes over to the States maybe four times a year. I ended up waiting for nearly three hours. They took my friend and searched everything. The agent then handed them to someone else and said, 'See if you can find something! I found nothing.' Finally, they escorted my friend out and then began interrogating me by saying that frequent trips set off a 'red flag' and then asked what I did simply because I was there to pick them up. I am not easily intimidated and can hold my ground. So they backed off and released them .. I took the train from Brussels to London after meetings with the government so I was dressed in a suit and tie. Everyone else on the train were tourists. I was the only one called aside by British customs. They asked how much money I had on me .. When I returned from our Berlin Conference last year, I dressed casually in jeans, thinking that might help. But traveling alone, I was again singled out. Once more, U.S. Customs wanted to know how much cash I had on me .. The hunt for money is getting really bad. You cannot travel on a train in Europe without them looking for money."
- Martin Armstrong
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Probably looks like a terrorist.