Monday, August 08, 2016

Has The U.S. Reached Its Peak?
"The U.S. is reviewing the ban on military weapons for police forces after multiple instances of deliberate attacks on police officers. Instead of prosecuting the bad police officers, they are preparing to dig their heels in and arm the police to escalate the confrontation between the people and the police. This, unfortunately, is also how Rome ended. It was not that the barbarians invaded Rome; rather it was that the armies turned inward and began sacking their own cities and anyone who showed resistance toward the government (emperor). Once you fragment society and divide the people by turning the State against its own, the end is not far behind. This weakens the bonds of civilization and sets the tone, which allows the barbarians to invade for society broke apart. The 33 years from 235 AD to the collapse of the monetary system in 268 AD saw 14 emperors. The 224-year cycle of political change for the United States peaked in 1999 with Bush Jr. coming to power; although he was was a puppet president as Dick Chaney really held the reins of power. The slide down was hard."
- Martin Armstrong
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Anonymous said...

Depends upon who people vote for in the next presidential election .... a self interested caretaker or a person with a vision.

Indeed in a decade or two the USA will be facing the same question the British just answered. TO BE or NOT TO BE. If it is NOT TO BE, the world and human progress enters a new dark age.