Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Harry Dent Sees Positive Developments
For Precious Metals Ahead
Economist & best-selling author Harry S. Dent Jr., returns with positive comments on the PMs sector. The gold market follows the commodities cycle , which continues to advance. Every investor should allocate 5-10% gold / silver to to their portfolio to improve investment diversification. Investor’s appetite for the PMs continues to improve, in the wake of news of huge losses related to security issues in the Bitcoin encryption methodology. The positive trend in U.S. equities is directly correlated to negative rates – investors have few options other than chasing risk to boost expected returns. Weakening economic conditions will persist, which could lead to a new round of QE4 and subsequent inflation. Given the startlingly muted economic fallout in the UK following the Brexit, Spain, Portugal and Italy may exit the EU, improving the prospects for PMs .. 23 minutes
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