Monday, August 01, 2016

Harry Dent:
Next Great Depression Is Coming; 
Has Been Delayed Too Long
Harry is back to reiterate his call for massive deflation & stock market crash. This is what he's been saying for years despite the slow progression & often opposite appearing reality (stock market & gold rallying). The long-term trends make sense that we're overdue for another great depression but it's really up to the world financial system whether it holds together or crashes and when is up in the air .. Deflation Coming Despite Historic Inflationary Measures .. Oil Price Crash & Frackers Will be Dead .. Loss in Faith of Currency...Inflationary or Deflationary? .. 26 minutes

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Anonymous said...

He is ranting ... probably because things just have not turned out like he imagined in yesteryear.

I think he will be aggressiveky ranting even more in 12 months. Anyway in four years his demographics will turn round. He said he will emigrate to Australia if he is wrong and drive a taxi. He presumes Australia will accept him. I doubt it and certainly not if he imagines his contribution will be driving a taxi .... in a world where taxis drive themselves.

People are not owning gold to counter prospective inflation . They are doing it because they are scared to hold paper money in a bank accounts. They might get bailed in. Paper currency simply takes too much space. It is not a question of trying to earn something. It is a question of trying to keep your something.

Also gold is not priced much above what it costs to mine it and if anything new mines are scare leading to declining supply at these prices.