Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Gold To Shock The World 
By Becoming 6th SDR Currency
"A relevant question is whether the Chinese could be enticed to denominate that $2 trillion in SDRs and pledge to carry out all future development in the East, a task that will amount to tens of trillions of dollars, in SDRs if the yuan has just a 10% weighting? The answer is a qualified yes. For China to do so, there would have to be a sixth member of the SDR basket. You guessed it – it’s gold. Gold taking on a role in the SDR basket is essential if the world economy has any chance of righting itself. Next time we’ll offer more details on the likely outcome of gold as the sixth component of the SDR and explain why the West won’t be able to block it as China gladly accepts the new SDR with gold as a component. For now, we’ll just summarize by saying it would provide the best chance to save the world – while ensuring that we will see a bull market in gold that will dwarf any bull market we’ve ever seen."
- Stephen Leeb
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