Monday, August 29, 2016

GOLD & DEBT - The 1929 Great Depression 
Vs The Next Great Collapse
Report on how the situation Americans face in the future will be nothing like anything they have experienced in the past .. "Americans are in real trouble and I don’t continue to say that just to be pessimistic or negative. U.S. oil production is about to collapse while total U.S. public debt of $19.4 trillion turns out to be a staggering $60,625 for each American. There is no way this debt will ever be repaid. Some investors and analysts believe there should be a 'Debt Jubilee' or a wiping out of debt so we can start fresh. I would like to remind these 'Einsteins' that wiping out debt also wipes out the supposed assets on the other side. When assets implode, so will the capital available to the market for future economic activity. Anyhow, U.S. debt will implode due to the collapse of U.S. domestic oil production on top of falling oil imports in the future. This will create an event in history that will make the population understand the value of GOLD & SILVER once again."
LINK HERE to the report

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