Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Former Barrick Gold President: 
"A Big Move Has Begun. There's Something 
Fundamentally Wrong With The Economy"
"You just look at the world economies and you know that the fundamentals are there for a significant change in gold price… it wasn’t sustainable at around $1100 or $1150… It doesn’t surprise me at all… I think you’re going to see gold start to rise again because of the fundamentals in the world economy .. I think a move has begun… When you have bonds at negative interest rates you know there’s something fundamentally wrong with the economy. That’s a statement of the relative safeness of currencies… when people actually feel they can buy that bond and pay money to keep it in that bond just because it’s a safer haven than other investments then that’s pretty bad."
- Jim Gowans, former Co-President of mega-mining company Barrick Gold, the former President of De Beers Canada, currently serves as the President & Chief Executive Officer of mineral exploration firm Arizona Mining
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