Sunday, August 14, 2016

Financial Martial Law
[THE CONCEPT & RECOGNIZING IT ARE ESSENTIAL. When a monopoly was granted the right to command & control money, it was the beginning of the end for free markets. When markets are not free, it is the beginning of the end of other freedoms. Today's 'SYSTEM' calls itself 'free', but that is a deception; a woven web of deception that gets more tangled as time goes on. The 'Command & Control Structure' of our money is centrally planned & that 'Structure' is not controlled by 'the people'.]
"'Financial martial law' is a term I first began using privately in the summer of 2015. Financial martial law introduces the element of negative interest rates to the discussion. It is one thing to earn very little interest on your savings; it is quite another to face the prospect of having to pay a bank in order to keep your money on deposit. Yet this is exactly what authorities began proposing last year. Since then, over $11trn in government bonds have been sold at a negative yield. In Switzerland, government bonds of all durations (from short-term to very long-term) have a negative yield. In Germany and Japan, bonds up to ten years in maturity trade with a negative yield. The trend is alarming .. Financial martial law makes it harder for you to get your money out of the bank in a crisis. The precedent here was set in Cyprus in 2013. Certain depositors in Cypriot banks were “bailed in” to help recapitalise the banking sector. In simple terms, they had their savings confiscated .. Financial martial law is also the war on cash. I’ve written a whole book on the subject. But in simple terms, it’s the final assault on your financial freedom of action when all other methods fail .. Financial martial law is a direct threat to your freedom."
- Tim Price
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