Monday, August 15, 2016

Dr.Marc Faber*: When Negative Rates End, 
It Will Be Total & Complete Destruction
Palisade Radio .. Faber emphasizes how the stock market is distorted, the markets no longer trade on fundamentals in a system where the quantity of money is relatively limited ..The liquidity bubble created by central banks, paper money, interest rates, & quantitative easing are examples of this manipulation .. Faber says we are essentially trading in a virtual reality fantasy land that is driven by the insane money-printing professors at central banks. In looking at the trade deficit, & the current account deficit, Faber's sense is that the U.S.$ will not continue be a strong currency. The trade balance of goods has been deteriorating continuously .. Faber discusses how the U.S. is no longer globally competitive .. Faber recommends staying out of the U.S. stocks in general, although the gold, mining, coal, & fertilizer sectors of the U.S. are inexpensive .. overall precious metals seem inexpensive relative to other investment asset classes .. 18 minutes

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