Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Central Bankers Are More Confident
Than Ever ???
In a hyperbole filled missive, Tim Price highlights the developments from the Jackson Hole summit in regard to emerging & bigger central bank & government initiatives, like helicopter money, to attempt to stimulate economic activity in the global economy .. "In any event, the U.S. central bank would not find itself out of weaponry if a new recession caused by the U.S. central bank were to hit. The U.S. Federal Reserve has already commissioned a fleet of B2 Stealth bombers to initiate the next stage of its economic policy, codenamed ‘Obliterate hope’. The intention is to bypass the introduction of so-called ‘helicopter money’ and fast forward instead to the endgame of a long, vicious carpet-bombing. .. A spokesperson for the European Central Bank pointed out that ‘Obliterate hope’ had already been a key plank of ECB policy across the euro zone for some time, especially in periphery countries. Determined not to be outflanked by its US rival, the Frankfurtbased organization indicated that it had its own plans for weaponising its existing QE program, codenamed ‘Project Bubo’. The ECB, in conjunction with the European Science Foundation, is believed to be planning to tackle the longstanding ‘savings glut’ by means of reintroducing Europe to the Black Death. Economists believe that such a step could be a key means of boosting productivity, among the survivors."

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