Friday, August 12, 2016

Asset Prices Are Growing
"Ever More Bizarre"
"WSJ: 'Central banks have always been able to make waves in markets. But never have they had such far-reaching effects, nor so quickly. The world of bonds is being turned upside down as a result.' .. The WSJ then goes on to explain the absurdity of how government bonds in many countries are now priced to deliver zero and even somewhat negative income when held to maturity. All true. What is not mentioned (conveniently overlooked by the finance-sponsored-stock-promoting media) is that income payments and maturity for government bonds are contractually prescribed. Stocks, on the other hand, have no such promises. Stocks have no maturity date and no capital guarantees or contractually prescribed income payments of any kind. Meanwhile stock valuations today are so excessive they are priced to deliver negative returns for at least the next 7 years, with breath-taking volatility along the way.nHow long will today’s holders need to wait to get back their capital presently held in stocks? The answer is however many years it takes. And that does not fit well with finite human life cycles. Bottom line: extremely over-valued asset prices are toxic to human finances. And the issuers and market owe stock holders nothing."
- Danielle Park
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RICO: Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

Rudy Giuliani, former United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York (and former Mayor of New York), appeared yesterday, August 11, 2016, on Fox News' O'Reilly Factor. (Eric Bolling filled in for O'Reilly; Bolling is incompetent in this interview.) Giuliani opined on alleged criminal behavior by Hillary Clinton @17:50. I wholeheartedly endorse Giuliani's opinion. Here is the text of Giuliani's remarks:

"The State Department became a funding operation for the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation raised the money in exchange for special access to the State Department. Special Access meaning the American Ambassador to Lebanon, that cost $1 to $5 million. Special benefits to UBS cost $2 million."

"The Clinton Foundation is a fraud. Ten percent goes to charity; ninety percent goes to who knows what. I would, if I were a federal prosecutor, investigate it as a racketeering enterprise.

"She should have been indicted. He never predicts putting people in prison, but his record was about ninety-five percent. Giuliani says this is a RICO case, and he’s never lost a RICO case. He was the first one to use I RICO, first against the Mafia, then against white collar criminals. [The Clinton Foundation’s relationship with the State Department] is a classic RICO enterprise. This is major league fraud."

"Hillary Clinton turned the State Department from the State Department into a Pay to Play operation for the Clintons."

"This is a clear violation of the Federal law against conflict of interest, which carries two years in prison for every count, and I believe it’s a racketeering enterprise. I believe the crime, the core crime here, is bribery."

"…The 35,000 [missing] emails were about the connection between the racketeering enterprise which is called the Clinton Foundation and the State Department which was the Pay to Play [operation]."

"I believe there’s enough evidence now to warrant a full and complete racketeering investigation. I believe that the destruction of the emails could be argued as evidence of guilt…the typical argument that you make in court, by the way, when you prove intent. And I believe this crime is even more substantial than the email crimes they let her off the hook for, which they never should have let her off the hook for."

"How does Huma Abedin get to work for the State Department and also for Teneo, a private corporation? I never heard of that."

"The Justice Department has been turned into a political operation for the Obama Administration. So we have a Pay to Play State Department, and we have a political operation in the Justice Department, which to me, as a fifteen year member of the Justice Department, to me, is heartbreaking."

[Alleged RICO participants: Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Huma Abedin, Susan Mills, and other operatives]