Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Presidential Candidate That Says
"I Would Love To Have 
Commodity-Based Currency"
Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson is gaining momentum in the polls. American voters seek alternatives to, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
"People are hungry to vote for somebody as opposed to the lesser of two evils & wasting your vote,"
he says at this year's Freedom Fest. Johnson also commented on gold & the idea of a gold standard, which he says wouldn't be a bad idea. “I would love to have commodity-based currency so I would support legislation to have competing currency .. Obviously it’s very complicated but I would like to have a segment of my assets in a commodity-based currency." .. 6 minutes

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Anonymous said...

Carney to Amazon Plouffe to Uber Holder to AirBnB In case you were wondering why Dems like tech/SV so much

Airbnb hires former Attorney General Eric Holder to craft anti-discrimination policy