Friday, July 15, 2016

There Is No Way Around 
The European Banking System Bailout
Discussion on Brexit & how gold & silver markets reacted to Brexit .. also on an imminent European banking crisis involving Deutsche Bank & other European banks, why it's happening & what can be done about it along with other current events going on all over the globe including:
1) Japanese Savers Flooding to Physical Gold..
2) China planning to use more than $300 billion in saver's pension fund capital for a bailout/Plunge Protection Team of their stock market 
3) Ben Bernanke visits Abe & Kuroda in Japan to discuss a new 10 trillion Yen "helicopter money" plan in next stage of Abenomics.
4) The more than $12 trillion in global government bonds that now have negative interest rates.
a little over 1 hour

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