Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The World’s Banking System Is All Set To.. 
The Daily Bell essay highlights the plight of central banking .. begins with an analysis of what the Bank of England is doing .. "After more than a century of furious central bank expansion, it is surely impossible to argue about the effects of central banks. They create massive surges of capital and resultant booms and terrible busts." .. explains why "Anyone simply looking at the history of central banks can determine that they are responsible for much of the world’s deep economic instability .. Since central banks are money monopolies, any facilities attached to them have monopoly like qualities." .. concludes by observing that the world is teetering on a precipice - "Carney is wrong about his plan. The era of central banking is probably done. If you are waiting for central bankers to save the day, you will be waiting a long time indeed. And probably you will grow a great deal more impoverished in the meantime. And maybe worse .. The system has not been set up to succeed but to fail."
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