Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Something Desperate Is Coming From Japan
John Rubino* sees Japan now getting desperate on stimulating their economy out of deflation .. "What we’re witnessing, in short, is a catastrophic loss in the currency war. Contrary to every mainstream economic theory, debt monetization and full-throttle currency creation have resulted in a rising yen and falling prices." .. what is going to happen now? .. the bad stuff gets worse .. plunging interest rates, governments buying up stocks - not just in Japan but everywhere in the indebted developed world .. "Everything that happens these days points to higher precious metals prices."
[Cliff Note: We usually let the commentators speak for themselves & we rarely add our comments. The preponderance of commentators predict a crash in stock & bond asset prices. Asset prices are losing all connection to historic measures of 'value'. Artificial stimulation using 'money creation' is trying to prevent a stock & bond market crash. What so many people seem to be missing is that currencies are being sacrificed (turned into trash) to save everything else from crashing. Central Banks of major countries are trying to cooperatively coordinate a world wide currency devaluation in order to avoid a devaluation of everything else. John Rubino is one of the few who 'gets it'. The CRASH is the ongoing CURRENCY CATASTROPHE.]  
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