Thursday, July 21, 2016

Self-Serving Obama-Sponsored Study 
Concludes “Student Debt Helps Economy”
Mish's Rebuttal
Mish Shedlock* refutes the outrageous claims by the current U.S. administration that student debt is helping the economy .. "The study is fatally flawed. It is impossible to know what percentage of the earnings success of those who went to college is directly attributable to the simple fact that someone went to college. The majority of those who do not go to collage are already failed kids with poor reading, writing, and math skills .. Most of the service economy does not require a college education. The push to get kids to go to college is a great deal for the debt providers given student debt cannot be dismissed in bankruptcy. College is an uncertain deal to those taking on huge amounts of debt. Expansion of student aid lending programs is part of the reason costs are rising just as hundreds if not thousands of “affordable housing pogroms” did nothing but raise the cost of housing .. The study was a waste of money and the conclusion is flawed. Obama’s self-serving education propaganda continues."
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rbblum said...

Had often heard govt officials say erroneous Earned Income Credit payments are a benefit to the economy. . . Not stated: the govt is incapable to prevent billions of taxpayer $$$ from being erroneously issued.