Friday, July 22, 2016

Ronnie Stoeferle: 
Discussion between Incrementum's Ronnie Stoeferle & FRA's Gordon T Long* on the 2016 Gold Report put out annually by Incrementum .. "One of the main aspects of the report is that we are in a bull market again." .. on central banks: "The one obvious thing in the midst of this all is that central banks are really good at finding excuses for not raising rates’ now their excuse is Brexit." .. on helicopter money: "There have been rumors about helicopter money and I am almost certain it will be implemented." . on the Federal Reserve: "If the Fed fails with the normalization of interest rates, the already crumbling narrative of economic recovery could collapse." .. conclusion: "In this current global monetary experiment that we are in, it just makes sense to hold gold." .. 38 minutes

Incrementum Liechtenstein:
In Gold We Trust Report - 2016 Edition
Incrementum's Ronald Stoeferle & Mark Valek, the managers of the Incrementum funds, have released the In Gold We Trust report, one of the most comprehensive & most widely read gold reports in the world .. this year includes a detailed discussion of gold’s properties in terms of Nicholas Nassim Taleb’s “fragility/ robustness/ anti-fragility” matrix, as well as close look at the last resort of mad-cap central planners that goes by the moniker “helicopter money”.

LINK HERE to get the PDF

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