Monday, July 25, 2016

Put Missiles In Eastern Europe? 
Only If You Want To Expand Empire
Donald Trump has had some strong words about NATO in recent months, saying that if member countries can’t pay their dues, the U.S. shouldn’t help them. RT America’s Manila Chan sits down with Dr. Ron Paul* who says that international pressure won't let Trump change the alliance. Paul also weighs in on the 2016 race, saying it is a competition to see who is the worst person in the world .. 15 minutes

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Anonymous said...

This guy is naive ....

Trump is posturing. Only a tiny mind would not realize that. No people are not getting tired of NATO. They are getting tied Ron Paul.

Russia invaded the Ukraine because there were more Russians living in Crimea than Ukrainians. Incidentally, there are a many Ukrainians living in Russia.

This Paul does not even know why "Islamic Terrorists" kill themselves to terrorize. They do it to go to Heaven ! ... NOT to terrorize.

Tump will make a fine president. He understands things that simply pass over Ron Paul's head.