Thursday, July 07, 2016

Planet Debt
"The amount of government debt trading below zero yield rose to $11 trillion last week. In Japan, negative yields run out the yield curve until 2051. Overall, interest rates are said to be lower than they’ve been in 5,000 years. We have been connecting dots. These are dots that others do not want to connect. Because they connect to too many reputations, too many fortunes, and too many opinions. We are talking about the line that runs from the post-1971 money system to the Deep State, passing through the spectacular rise of China… the spectacular fall of the U.S. (where the average man has made no financial progress in the last 40 years) .. Yes, the line ties together the great kvetches of our time: inequality, stagnation, alienation, globalization, debt, the failure of the economy, the failure of democracy… and the failure of our own culture."
- Bill Bonner
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Anonymous said...

Oh come come "inequality" is not a feature of our time.

Go back a few hundred years and imagine yourself as a lord of the manner in England. The lowly people were little more than slaves ... effectively owned by their masters. Of course Islam would have those days return with second class status signed to those who not subscribe to the Muslim belief system .... but it ain't there yet. Coming though ... because of bleeding hearts like Obama, Trudeau and Merkel.