Thursday, July 14, 2016

Peter Boockvar – This Madness Is About 
To Be Unleashed On The World
"The talk of ANOTHER fiscal stimulus plan is MORE OF THE SAME and when it ends Japan will be back in the same soup but with some nicer roads and rails. Japanese fiscal stimulus packages have had more sequels than Police Academy .. Thus, helicopter money is just another form of the same Keynesian spending that ALWAYS has an expiration date. Only Ben Bernanke and the current crop of central bankers and government officials think this outcome will be different. Regardless of how this plays out, the desire for another attempt at reflation has to beg the question of whether we’ve seen an end for now in the global drop in interest rates .. If one is buying stocks in companies with declining earnings and high valuations only because interest rates keep falling, be careful and don’t forget these recent bouts of history."
- Peter Boockvar
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