Friday, July 22, 2016

Fermented Foods Gaining Popularity 
As Health Benefits Become 
More Widely Recognized
Dr. Mercola special focus on the health benefits of fermented foods .. he recommends eating 2 kinds of food every day; fermented & fiber-rich foods, to help optimize gut flora & overall health .. "Many people are getting weary of processed fare and the dubious health claims that go with it, and are embracing more traditional foods and relearning ancient culinary methods such as fermenting .. Bacteria convert sugars and starch into lactic acid, a process called lactofermentation. Fermented foods help improve your gut health by 'reseeding' your gut with beneficial bacteria .. The fermentation process also boosts the nutritional content of the food, producing essential amino acids, short-chained fatty acids, beneficial enzymes, certain nutrients and increases bioavailability of minerals."
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