Tuesday, July 26, 2016

"It's Not Panicking If You Go First" - 
China Devaluation Is Closer 
Than Anyone Thinks
Zero Hedge & Mark St Cyr provide insight into quite a few warning signs pertaining to China .. St Cyr: "It is my belief that China has already lost control and is desperately waiting for the right circumstance as to implement some form of game changing monetary upheaval that helps set the stage for a more China-centric platform, as opposed to them needing to react to both Fed. policy movements or ECB for that matter. And to my thinking, in many ways, those circumstances are piling up on a silver platter .. Central banks (let alone many government officials) are in no way prepared for what could take place if China decides 'it’s time.' .. And I believe they are weighing the precise time to move – not if. As I conclude these following two phrases kept coming into my head. I end with them because together I believe they frame just how precarious the markets, and for that matter, the global economy sits at the doorstep of what China decides to do next. Especially as I stated previously: in this current political, as well as economic and monetary environment."
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