Friday, July 22, 2016

Higher Gold, Dollar: 
The New Normal - Marin Katusa
With gold prices rallying over 24% this year & the U.S.$, which usually trades inversely to the metal, also up, research analyst Marin Katusa says he expects this to be the new normal .. "I’m very bullish on gold, I’ve been for years. I think it’s a great place to be with the negative interest rates going on globally .. I think we’re in a new normal of higher gold and dollar prices .. Every dog in the market is getting a bid right now so I’d be very careful and try to go to quality because if the market does pull back, which I don’t know it may or may not, you want to be in the best quartile of people and projects .. You have to be very careful understanding the political aspects in this market because in a negative interest rates world the governments is going to try to figure out how to subsidize more of their social programs and I think that’s going to be a growing trend." .. 5 minutes

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