Friday, July 15, 2016

"Helicopter Money" Won't Fix What's Broken
Charles Hugh Smith* helps Cliff Küle make an important point that no one seems to write about or think about. 'Helicopter Money' will be a last ditch effort to keep the masses of people from rebelling & 'save' the System (as in the Federal Reserve System). It might work to delay the day of reckoning, but the System & its Status Quo is not worth saving. It serves the banks & not the people. The longer this System stays in place, the more wealth & control will be in the hands of those who own the Federal Reserve AND the less wealth & control in the hands of common people.
Smith explains why the easy "helicopter money" will not solve the structural problems with the economy ..
it will actually promote & support the bloated bureaucracies & cartels which plague the economy
"The problem with helicopter money is that it cannot fix what's broken in the economy .. helicopter money feeds the perverse incentives that have crippled our economy and society .. No sacrifices are required by helicopter money: unlimited sums of freshly created money will be used to fund the same broken systems that have generated extremes of debt and wealth/income inequality."
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16 July 2016
Jim Rickards On Financial Reform, Corruption, and Gold

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People will just save to money .... irrespective of where it comes from.