Friday, July 08, 2016

Grant Williams - A Story Of Debt
Weekend Special
Grant Williams provides an engaging presentation, entitled Crazy, putting the extraordinary level of global debt & unprecedented monetary policy into perspective .. "Many factors that led to the financial crisis are still very much present. This is a story about debt – the financial crisis was the crystallization of that, the years since have been the denial of it, and the years to come will be the resolution", says Williams during the presentation .. 39 minutes


Anonymous said...

Gold: It’s Still a Pet Rock

Double down Zweig. You and the rest of the elite in ivory towers have no clue, and continue to believe that printing money will solve everything.

Anonymous said...

With a collapse of the economic system deflation will rule the world. His top general is NOT gold.

Anonymous said...

Simeone should tell TrueDo about this. He was elected on a platform of more debt (and more tax for the rich, of which he is now certainly one, after becoming Prom Minister). .... pun intended).