Monday, July 18, 2016

Gold To Outperform Bonds From Now On?
Dow Theory Letters: “The relative strength of bonds vs gold is shifting in favor of gold (see powerful reverse head and shoulders chart above)."
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Hong Kong’s new gold rush: ‘Big Mother’ investors from mainland China buy big as yuan falls and global economy shudder

Jasper Lo, chief executive of King International, said many mainlanders, especially “Big Mother”investors – elderly ladies who like to invest in the metal – were major buyers of gold, which has risen in price by 28 per cent this year, up 6 per cent in the last three weeks.

“The gold rally started in the beginning of this year due to the many uncertainties about US interest rate rises, the Brexit and the dispute over South China Sea sovereignty between mainland China and the Philippines. These uncertainties have seen gold become a safe haven for investors,” Lo said.

“Mainland Big Mother investors...have one more reason to invest in gold – it is a good hedge for the falling value of yuan. When many expected the yuan would continue to devaluate further this year, this led the Big Mothers to invest in gold instead,” he said.