Monday, July 25, 2016

Eric Sprott* discusses the recent price weakness in the precious metals & looks ahead to what might be a volatile week next .. 12 minutes

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Anonymous said...

Apparently Sprott has not learnt his pumpkin and pea theory. The pumpkin is the mass of gold that has been mined since time started. The pea is the yearly supply of newly mined gold. With so much inventory out there relative to yearly supply deliberations of supply and demand are extraneous to reality and of no value contemplating.

When a country hits the rocks, sure the fait currency takes it on the chin. However, there will be a lot of people selling their gold to 'get by' as well people wanting to buy it with depreciated currency.

One has to think that Mr. Sprott was lucky more than anything else in accumulating the wealth he is supposed to hold. He thereby continues to represent hope for us ... and will no doubt remain a popular celebrity .... Note though. he has various axes to grind, and is not unbaised.