Friday, July 15, 2016

Dr. Albert Friedberg*:
A Wave Of Inflation 
Will Take Markets & Officials By Surprise
"Our forecast, and the direction taken by our portfolios, is for accelerating inflation over the coming months. This phenomenon will take markets and officials by surprise, and I believe that it will change the world we know today. Financial repression will continue to be the order of the day, partly because central bankers will remain in intellectual denial and partly because of fears that rate normalization will bring economic activity tumbling down. The early part of this period of accelerating inflation should prove beneficial to many assets, among them commodities and well financed equities. Coming out of denial — beyond our investment horizon — will be painful and very damaging to debt burdened sovereigns and corporations."
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Anonymous said...

I think he has got it wrong.

European banks collapsing will spawn deflation and depression. Inflation can only occur with expanding economic activity ...... not possible with demographics the way they are ... just about everywhere especially in Germany.