Monday, July 04, 2016

China Is Heading For 
A 1929-Style Depression
"The government is allowing speculation by providing cheap financing .. China is riding a tiger and is terrified of a crash. So it keeps pumping cash into the economy. It is difficult to see how China can avoid a crisis .. China grew too fast .. The government is using its power to stop the unraveling but not address the issue. It is just buying more time .. If you keep on printing money to use for speculation, you will have hyperinflation and a currency crash .. The Communist Party isn't compatible with the future of China."
- Andy Xie
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Standard Life Fund Halts Withdrawals After ‘Brexit’ Vote

In a statement, the firm said that “following an increase in redemption requests as a result of uncertainty for the U.K. commercial real estate market following the E.U. referendum result,” it had halted redemptions and that the suspension would end “as soon as practicable.”