Monday, July 18, 2016

China Is About To Shock The World 
& The Global Financial System
"In the midst of this chaos, China, step by stealthy step, is gaining control of the world’s monetary machinery. Its ultimate success at this endeavor would leave many Western countries, including the most stalwart, floundering under conditions sure to be even more difficult than today’s. For investors, gold and other precious metals will be the best, if not the only, way to protect against this coming chaos. I referred to China’s ascent as stealthy, but actually, if you follow the financial data closely, even this least transparent country hasn’t managed to conceal its ambitions and astounding successes in areas that will translate into global monetary dominance .. As China’s hegemony in virtual currency and plastic debt and credit – which together constitute the lion’s share of consumer financial transactions – continues to grow, the final step in China gaining the monetary control it craves is to insert gold into the picture. We have no doubt whatsoever that gold is integral to China’s plans. To quote Song Xin, the Chinese Communist Party secretary in charge of gold: 'Gold is the only product that holds properties of a commodity and currency; it’s the most trusted asset on which modern fiat currency can be based.' .. While no one knows for sure how much gold China has – it has been steadfastly cagey on this question – the evidence suggests it could easily be a massive amount, and certainly far more than China has been willing to indicate – and far more than even most gold bulls might imagine."
- Stephen Leeb
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Anonymous said...

So is calpers...Calpers Earned 0.6% as Long-Term Returns Fall Below Target

“The longer-term returns of the fund -- the three-, five-, 10-, 15- and 20-year total returns of the fund -- are now below the assumed rate of 7.5 percent for the fund,” Eliopoulos said. “That’s a significant policy issue for us.”

Calpers must average at least 7.5 percent a year to match its assumed rate of return or turn to taxpayers to make up the difference.

Anonymous said...

GLD/SLV Ponzi Scheme - GET Physical Gold/Silver
Published on Jul 18, 2016
A lot of investors have invested in GLD and SLV under the mistaken assumption that they are investing in "gold." In the latest episode of the Shadow of Truth, we discuss why GLD/SLV are Ponzi schemes created as a mechanism to control the price of gold/silver. We also report the latest on China's massive investment in the new Silk Road and why it will change the world -