Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Brexit Proves It’s All 
A Central Bank Funded Mirage?
We say yes & Mark St.Cyr says it for us: "Why does it take central bank intervention, or the promise thereof, to stop these falls? If it were all 'fundamentally' based on market principles, why is there a need or call for even more monetary interventionism? (i.e., negative interest rates, 'helicopter' styled moves, etc., etc.) Regardless of what is touted (or worse actually taught) as reasoning by this crowd. 
One fact remains: without the central banks it all falls apart, precisely for the reason that there is no fundamental reason for the markets to be at these heights to begin with.
Period. It’s all an illusion, and it gets proven more as fact every time there’s a hiccup. So much so that now if hiccups aren’t dealt with in immediate triage in the form of some ready to be administered monetary antibiotic. A little discomfort is primed to turn into a terminal failure."
- Mark St.Cyr
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Anonymous said...

The rule of law is a mirage, too...Rudy Giuliani: "Today Hillary Clinton Was Put Way Above The Law"

Finally, none other than former presidential candidate and NYC mayor, Rudy Giuliani, opined when he told CBS that "No one should be above the law. Today Hillary Clinton was put way above the law."

He also spoke to CNBC when he said that he is "shocked" at Comey's conclusions because he "clearly concluded that Hillary violated 18 US Code section 793 when he said she was extremely negligent" while on Hillary's intent Giuliani said that the circumstances of extreme negligence "over and over and over again" is the best proof of intent, "also her destruction of 34,000 emails also proves intent."