Sunday, July 10, 2016

Brexit Is NOT A Cause Of Our 
Bubble Finance Economy's Problems
Central Banks Never Fixed The Structural Problems That Caused 2008
Danielle Park emphasizes the Brexit is not a cause but rather a symptom of the bubble finance economy which has been evolving on the global economy over many years .. "The third major asset market implosion is inevitable and necessary. It is wise for individuals to make every reasonable effort to protect their financial health from the splatter. We are now in year 17 of the secular bear that began in 2000 (historically secular bears have lasted 17-20 years before ending in the cheapest asset valuations in a generation). So we are very likely getting close to the end of this one. Preservation of savings and liquidity is the number one goal today. This is a marathon not a sprint. Only those who have mentally trained for the hills will have the staying power to prevail and cross the finish line in good health." in this regard she references a recent essay from David Stockman* which we posted last week.
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Anonymous said...

Brexit has nothing to do with economics. It has a lot to do with social factors.

It is a statement against multi-culturisum and the vogue bleeding heart mentality which is supposed t be politically correct AND unlike what exists in much of Europe it is a statement sourced in experience not theory.