Sunday, July 17, 2016

Brexit Consequences
Boom Bust .. discussion with Barry Eichengreen, professor of economics at the University of California, Berkeley on Brexit & its consequences .. 1/2 hour total program


Anonymous said...

The West needs more rich people not fewer. Income inequity is good for society because it means that funds become available to invest and get things moving which creates more rich people.

Anonymous said...

Obama is going to put up $400,000,000 .... Interesting to know where the money is going but even more interesting to know where it is coming from !

Anonymous said...

What a lot of old mud slop from this guy Barry Eichengreen. If you want to know what to expect from Brexit why not ask an English Man. Has Barry Eichengreen ever stood shoulder to shoulder with his mates at the bar in British pub ?

He comes up with all sorts of negatives from his sole focus of economiscs. That apart what is the point of having a super charged economy if you lose your very own country. That was the issue not economics, even if you do accept his forecast of future economic developments, which I happen to think is very questionable. .

Merkel wants the E.U. to share out its Islamic refugees. Everyone speaks English so they are all going to go to England. As it stands The indigenous English are already in danger of becoming a minority in their own country.

Enough is enough, Jihard Johnie and the 1,000 or so other British ISIS fighters, people who just can't wait to do righteous murder, to win themselves a place in Heaven, illustrates that Islam (regretfully) cannot be integrated into western society ... and in particular English society.

Yes ISIS is Islam. Tens of thousands of people do not come from all over world to to fight and die just to Terrorize. They are NOT terrorists. They have NOT been radicalized. They are simply not expedient to western norms and put their religious convictions first. They have an agenda, world domination, and do not mind dying to get it accomplished.

Add to that that the English people can no longer hold their British Government responsible for the laws of the land the vote had to be to exit, whatever the economic cost.

In fact, Briton is now free to develop trade with its own family, (Canada, Australian New Zealand) which is what it should having been doing all along; instead of messing with the Forth Reich.

Eichengreen imagines that he City of London will decline as a financial centre. The man does not have a clue about the skills that are incorporated into the financial industry there. London is a finical centre and will stay a financial centre because it has the skills to be so. Those skills are every bit as difficult to acquire as those of California's Silicon Valley.

Eichengern seems blissfully ignorant of the fact that England was the birth place of the Industrial Revolution. That needed not only the industry of the indigenous people (which of course was inherited from its German ancestry of Saxony), but also the need the creative genius. The U.K. generates more Noble Prizes per capita in the sciences than any other country !

Recession perhaps.... but not the economic chaos the E.U. is destined to experience. Just look at the negative interest rates there, the Greek situation, the Italian banking crisis and German demographics; all playing to the tune of a mad conductor at the E.U. central bank.