Wednesday, July 06, 2016

A Self-Reliant America
"Edward Abbey expresses the above vision for America .. Many people will scoff at this vision, claiming that we need global corporations to provide all the stuff independent small businesses cannot .. But do we really need corporate cartels to control everything else? In a nation of small-scale energy wild-catters, do we really need a handful of corporations controlling energy? .. In a nation where the self-taught have accomplished great things, do we really need a higher education cartel operating an enormously profitable diploma mill for college degrees? .. In a nation of independent thinkers, do we really need a mainstream/financial media controlled by six corporations to tell us how to contextualize the 'news'? .. Do we really need a Nannycrat government telling us what is politically correct, even if it's all for PR and public consumption, i.e. intrinsically inauthentic?"
- Charles Hugh Smith*
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