Thursday, July 07, 2016

A Look Inside Europe's Next Crisis: 
Why Everyone Is Finally Panicking 
About Italian Banks
Article highlights the ticking debt time bombs in Italy .. a lot about non-performing (NPL) bad loans .. Italy (NPLs 13.4%) now following the same dismal trajectory of Spain's bad debts, the situation is rapidly escalating (at an average of around 2.5% increase per year) .. "The bomb appears to be on the verge of going off (or may have already quietly exploded) .. Italy's insolvent banking system ..  hundreds of billions in Italian NPLs on bank books as the culprit behind Europe's latest upcoming crisis .. 'Brexit could lead to a full-blown banking crisis in Italy .. The risk of a eurozone meltdown is clearly there if Brexit concerns are not immediately addressed.'"
LINK HERE to the article

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