Monday, July 04, 2016

Our System Seems Too Goofy To Be True
This is paraphrased from Bill Bonner but we keep trying to get this point across .. numerous times in numerous ways over the years:
The Central Banks are buying assets with money they created from nothing. They become the owners of stocks & bonds that free people didn't want at prices that free people wouldn't pay. The whole show is too goofy for words.
Each dollar in the private sector is either earned or borrowed. BUT the Central Banks create money for themselves from nothing ....& their closest friends get to borrow for 'next to free'. Gradually the Central Banks & their partners
own more & more while those who worked  & saved for it own a lower & lower % of what they worked & saved for. Whoever owns or controls the Central Banks owns or controls more & more assets that other people worked & saved for. 
This fits with the words of one of our most conservative Most Admired Advisers ... 'the very essence of banking is a deception' .. & another Most Admired Adviser who said "THE greatest trick central bankers ever pulled was convincing the world they work for the public & not for the banks." 
When Government Owns All Wealth,
We Become "Stable Fed" Animals
That Depend On Their Masters
"'It is just a matter of time,' says a friend writing from Switzerland, 'before the feds own all our assets. They’re determined to keep prices high and they have unlimited resources.' .. Yes, stocks, bonds, old copies of Mad Magazine… everything will be owned by the government. Then our liberty will be complete. We will have nothing… and nothing to lose .. We will have become what leading German post-war economist Wilhelm Röpke had anticipated: the “stable fed” animals that depend on their masters to keep them going. At last, we will have the kind of capitalism another economist – Karl Marx – dreamed of: capitalism without private capital. The Deep State will control all our wealth. We will go to college on federal loans… we will drive cars, leased of course, at federally subsidized low rates… we will live in houses mortgaged by federal mortgage lender Fannie Mae… with the mortgage rates pushed down by its fellow manipulator, Freddie Mac… we will work for companies that depend on the Fed’s EZ money financing…and, of course, our medical care will be in the hands of the feds… and our retirement finances too."
- Bill Bonner
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