Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Understanding Brexit: The Powerless Press 
Their Thumb In The Eye Of The Power Elite
Charles Hugh Smith* explains how & why Brexit happened & the related trend of what is happening in the U.S. .. "The sense of having a real say, and possessing actual agency, is very empowering, and very rare, for members of the lower-middle class and the working class today. The premier strategy for retaining power is to give the powerless a carefully managed illusion of decision-making and autonomy. Having a say over one's life and choices is called agency, and it is the illusion of agency that makes democracy such a powerful tool of control. The second most effective means of maintaining power is to limit the choices offered the powerless. Offering the powerless false choices, i.e. the choice between two functionally equivalent options, provides the comforting illusion of agency while insuring that the status quo Power Elites remains in charge, regardless of the choice made by the powerless." .. The Brexit vote is questioning the rule of the elite in power .. the benefits of money printing have largely benefitted a small group of people, not the broad economy .. "When the system erodes a citizenry's sense of agency, they have little to lose by relishing the chance to use the same power the wealthy constantly wield without any qualm or hesitancy: the power to say 'no.'"
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